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Since being founded by Ralph Edwards in 2015, Swig Savvy has been helping keep people active and hydrated. Originating in hipster Brooklyn New York, Swig Savvy set out to be a brand that is both healthy, active and full of fun at the same time. Determined to help the world one city at a time, Swig Savvy was founded with the belief that eliminating disposable plastic bottles is an important and crucial step towards making the planet better, for a lasting beautiful world.

As an avid traveler, outdoorsman and fast-moving sports and fitness fanatic, Ralph and his team at Swig Savvy paid attention to the small details that matter in the day to day, active lifestyle of their clients. Together, they created a line that fill the needs of the travel enthusiast, the gym goer, hiker, biker, yoga-master, or casual daily walker and commuter. Silicone sleeves surround glass and plastic bottles for a better grip and easier maneuverability, while others feature a sporty easy flip up and down sports cap. Choose from stainless steel, glass or BPA-free plastic water bottles. The colors and patterns designed by the Swig Savvy team are trend-forward and capture the active, hip and happy feel unique to Swig Savvy.

Here at Swig Savvy, we care about the things you care about – adventure, style, and sustainability. Purchase a Swig Savvy product, and join the Swig Savvy family by supporting and embracing the Swig Savvvy lifestyle. It’s a rich, active life in action. Keep it hydrated, and remember hip, hip, hydrate!

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