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18-oz Plastic Sports Water Bottle with Silicone Band and Flip Cap – 2 Pack

18 Oz. $18.99

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Finding the right water bottle that has all the functionality to fit your lifestyle is a challenge.

If you are looking for the ultimate solution for your hydration needs. Look no further, because the Swig Savvy Tritan Sports Water Bottle has all the essential features you could ever ask for. It is made of a durable Tritan Polymer material that gives you the peace of mind of a chemical free and BPA free plastic bottle. Unlike, glass the Tritan Water Bottle is lightweight and impact resistant. Making it possible to bring it anywhere you go without the constant fear of shattering.

The Swig Savvy Tritan Sports Water Bottle features an innovative leak-proof, flip-top cap with a built-in nozzle. A design meant for active individuals to give them the freedom to move, drink and stay hydrated without the fear of spilling or making any kind of a mess. It comes with an easy grip silicone sleeve that provides a firm grasp of the bottle with an additional sports straps that let you attach your container to backpacks, travel bag and bicycle. So if you love to travel, go outdoors, and exercise this bottle is definitely an efficient choice.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Swig Savvy Water Bottle made of ultra-tough Tritan material known for it’s leach-proof and dishwasher safe components. This economical option gives you a fresh, clean and safe source of water everytime you use it.

Additional information

Weight18 oz


  • ✳️ DURABLE DESIGN: Manufactured for maximum convenience, This portable container allows easy storage by letting you sling it on your shoulder or hook it on your backpack.
  • ✳️LEAK FREE FLIP TOP LID: This sports water bottles feels like drinking with a straw because of its unique nozzle cap. It features a leak-proof cover that guarantees a spill and mess free workout, bike ride, camping trip or commute. Enjoy your beverage hassle free.
  • ✳️EASY GRIP SILICONE SLEEVE: Allows extra firm grasp on the bottle to avoid slippage. Comes with a detachable sports straps ideal for attaching bottle on your backpack, travel bag, bike or duffel bag. An ideal travel accessory.
  • ✳️BPA FREE: Manufactured using durable Tritan polymer plastic. It's an impact resistant, healthy and lightweight alternative to cheap plastic bottles because it's free from chemicals and BPA. Get pure flavors with no worries.
  • ✳️AFFORDABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Most water bottles are made with expensive and fragile materials. Unlike glass, steel or plastic the Swig Savvy Tritan Water Bottle lets you have a long lasting and healthy drinking experience without draining your pockets.