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Pouch for 64 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Beer Growler

64 Oz. $58.00

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Do you own a super large 64 oz drinking bottle, and would like a super convenient way of carrying for easy drinking on the move?

Rather than scratches, knocks and dings, would you like ultra tough protection for your Flask’s premium finish?

If so, Swig Savvy’s Pouch is the perfect product for you! Designed to perfectly hold extra large, 64 oz bottles and Hydro Flasks, our Pouch is ultra durable, and manufactured with a tough nylon shell to protect against drops and impacts, with a super easy zipped base for easy opening, and a soft neoprene holder guaranteeing a secure fit that can be quickly and easily removed for easy cleaning.

Designed for super sized 64 oz bottles, our Pouch also adds a super convenient carrying strap, perfect for over the shoulder carrying while hiking or jogging, together with an easy grip hand strap for quick, non-slip drinking while working out or between sports, making constantly slipping and dropping the extra large bottle a thing of the past!


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Weight64 oz

Our SWIG SAVVY Pouch is a super durable product with a number of key benefits:
  • - Fits Hydro Flasks and other 64 oz drinking bottles.
  • CONVENIENT STRAPS; tired of constantly dropping your extra large 64 oz bottle? Our Pouch has a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying while jogging or walking, together with a non-slip, easy grip hand strap, perfect for quick drinking between sports!
  • ZIPPED BASE; easy to fit, with a wide zipped base allowing you to easily slide your flask into the pouch, and zip closed for a secure fit that can be easily removed for cleaning and washing!
  • NEOPRENE UPPER; soft neoprene upper securely holds bottles for a secure fit, perfect for use with a wide range of 64 oz bottles! Click the Orange Button to order now!